An Introduction

I often dreamed of a place where I could spill my heart out, writing away my days and sharing the sayings of my mind with an audience–however I have always wanted to do it anonymously, because my writings are extensions of my soul, and anybody who reads what I write, will know me much more than I’d like to be known. So this introduction will be nameless, yet it will tell you so much about me.

I am a 16 year old girl, with a passion for writing and reading and making the world a better place. I live under difficult circumstances, with a family that doesn’t care for me much, so I have to often look after myself. However I’m not very good at it.
I am biromantic and asexual, and I live in a society where most people don’t even know what those words mean, so it is a struggle to be myself sometimes. I am completely infatuated with the ocean, and the sight of moon and stars calms every inch of my being. An introvert, I spend my nights sitting at my window and talking to the moon, and my days fighting for a better world. And when feelings too intense pile up in my heart…I write. Thus the creation of this blog. Although it will not only be a collection of my feelings; it will be my opinions, my days documented, my aspirations and inspirations, and even some unfitting things; like beauty or random moments captured. I hope you will find pieces of yourself in my posts, as I have recognized myself in the works of others and I have known how comfortingly belonged it makes you feel.


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