Upsetting · World


As a humanitarian and a decent human being, it hurts my heart badly to hear about the recent London attack. I am deeply saddened, hurt, angry and upset. The way the world is right now is terrifying and horrible.
4 innocent people lost their lives today. These people had a family, a home, friends. The ones who cared about them are probably in disbelief right now, they may be crying their eyes out and screaming for them to come back. These 4 people had their lives taken away from them. And the 20 people who have been injured, who are conscious and are experiencing immense pain right now…they are scared. Everyone is scared. I am scared.

Seeing the trend on twitter, I feared the worst when I clicked on it. And I was right. Less I saw people being compassionate, and more I saw the words “Islamic terrorism” and hatred.
Terrorism and Islam do not go hand in hand. They never have, and they never will. Every group of people in the world right now is being targeted in some way, and Muslims are no exception. With Trump’s recent travel ban and the increasing number of Islamophobic attacks, Muslims are being treated as scum and they feel like they do not belong. They feel unwanted and somehow responsible. Please, I beg of you, do not confuse a true Muslim with one who kills people in the name of Islam. These terrorists, they have taken a religion of peace and love and they have tainted it with their own sick interpretations. They have carved out their own religion and named it “Islam”. Do not confuse peace and terrorism. Do not hold Muslims accountable.

As for the Muslims reading this, don’t you dare be apologetic for something you cannot possibly control. These people who blame you for the actions of some monsters, they are being illogical and they are uneducated and scared. Approach them with peace, as your religion has taught you, and represent yourself, not all of Islam.

I awake every day with a desire to see the world in a better shape and I am trying my best to help with that. Hatred will get us nowhere. The victims of the London attack are in my thoughts tonight.

Love only.


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